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Blake grew up in New Orleans and has brought that southern flare to Door County. Chef Schar is strong, solid and on-point with homey, classic comfort foods showing favor to those warm dishes mom made with a nouveau twist. Blake pulls on his formal training from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute, searching for ways to incorporate different flavors from his life experiences & travels. From New Orleans, Michigan, Arizona and Iowa, Blake has embraced his surroundings and taken a little from each place to the menu, served at The Fireside. Blake arrived in Door County in 2011 and is consistently changing the menu to challenge himself and staff to serve the most interesting twists on comfort food classics.

Lauren has been working in the restaurant business for many years.  She loves to work with people of all ages, helping them realize their strengths and how greatly they are appreciated.

Whether it's your first time or you're a regular at The Fireside, Lauren treats you as family. Always with a smile, genuinely happy to see you. At The Fireside, we are all family. Lauren truly thanks you for helping us making our dream  a reality!

Family is the single most important thing to us.  Our restaurant allows us the opportunity to live and work in beautiful Door County, where we've chosen to call home for these three. 

They are the reason we work so hard.

We hope you enjoy seeing their smiling faces around the restaurant helping in anyway they can. 


blake schar

owner & executive chef

lauren schar

owner & general manager

the schar family

blake, lauren, jake, andie, megan & casey

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