Dearest Friends of Big Easy,

To uphold our standard of quality food and service, Blake and I have made the decision to temporarily close Big Easy. We know this is disappointing and inconvenient. We will reopen as soon as we can. 

Exciting things are happening in our Fireside Big Easy family and there are not enough people to run BOTH restaurant kitchens. 15 members of our team are heading off to college, Baby Blink will be here any second, and we have worked our team long hard hours this season.

Closing Big Easy allows us to reorganize staff whose talents will help us run at full steam at The Fireside Restaurant.

We are incredibly grateful to live and work here in this beautiful community.

To close one restaurant to support the other has been a very difficult decision.

We appreciate your understanding.


[ben-yey] n.

An indulgent, pillowy square of fried dough topped with powdered sugar.

Beignets are of French origin and the word "beignet" can be translated to "fritter" or "doughnut." Beignets pair well with cafe au lait for breakfast or make an excellent dessert.